THE DIPLOMAT ASIA FEATURES & ANALYSIS Mekong consultants have exposed serious flaws in the Don Sahong Dam project, which continues regardless. By Tom Fawthrop December 29, 2014 80 Shares 30 Comments   A battle is raging over the swirling currents, the rock pools, and rapids beneath the spectacular waterfalls of Si Phan Don [The 4000 Islands] – a unique wetlands area in southern Laos, where a Malaysian compan
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The Great Gamble on the Mekong

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SWIMMING AGAINST THE TIDE a film documenting how and why cash-strapped Cuba has surprised the world by its medical achievements d so much system )

How Cuba developed a first-rate health system despite crippling economic problems inflicted by the more than 50 years of the US trade embargo. for more information and to order a copy please contact Tom : tomfawthrop@gmail.com 
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Where Have All the Fish Gone? Killing the Mekong Dam by Dam

“If the Mekong is destroyed, the fishery, according to estimates, will be reduced by something like between 40 percent to 60 percent.” A documentary showing the possible impacts of hydropower dams on the Mekong was screened in Phnom Penh Tuesday night, a week after Mekong countries failed to decide on a dam proposed in Laos. About 200 people, most of them students, watched the film, “Where Have All the Fish Gone?: Ki
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